May I Please Crash Now?

So I’ve been up at at ‘em since about 1PM (remember, I don’t sleep on the “normal” schedule and all attempts to put me on a “normal” schedule have failed miserably). It is now 3:56 AM and I am ready to crash out. The problem is, I just know if I lay down, I’m going to have my eyes wide open even though they’ll barely stay open right now.

I did some housework, fixed dinner, then did homework for school. Our new phone & internet were turned on today, but until we can find the splitter, we can’t hook it up. For some reason we only have one working phone jack in the house, and the cost of installing a new jack or having one fixed is way more than we’re willing to pay – and way more than a splitter would cost.

Another reason I’m so tired is it is so darned hot! It got to 93° F today (about 33.9° C for my non US friends) and frankly it is way too hot! We have an air conditioner, but it doesn’t work that well. We think the filter needs cleaned, but at the moment it appears to be frozen to the A/C unit and right now, we need whatever little bit of air it will throw out at us or we’ll roast to death in here. :P

I will say that dinner was nice – I made a taco salad recipe I’d made last month. I got the recipe through Pinterest, but the recipe is actually from Taste of Home. It’s pretty good and not your normal taco salad – as you mix ketchup, oregano, and chili powder with the hamburger instead of taco seasoning. :) It’s really good, we like it a lot. :)

Now I think I am going to just go to bed. It is 4:22 AM now, and I should be able to fall asleep. At least, I hope I can.

Of Updates & Lady Gaga

I logged into my WordPress dashboard here on Gothic Peach to discover that WordPress 3.4 has been released. Knowing how my host likes to jump the gun and send out pester-notices about WordPress needing to be updated, I went through and updated all the blogs to 3.4 as soon as I saw it was out. I’d been waiting for it to come out. As per usual when a new WordPress version comes out, only two of my blogs actually told me 3.4 was out and that I should upgrade. But when I checked the updates page for WordPress, all the blogs showed that I needed to upgrade, so I finished that a bit ago.

While that was going on, I started checking out Spotify and decided to give my Lady Gaga playlist a listen. Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists, although rock/metal is my favorite genre of music. I’m hoping to be finished with this playlist by the time LaShawn and her mom get back from church. Yes, I’m being naughty and skipping Wednesday night services again. I’m just not into them that much. :P I love Sunday services and being on the worship team, but I don’t care much for Wednesday nights.

For a final point, I’m doing well so far in my algebra class, although I do have a few things I am not particularly getting. I’m frustrated with algebra because I don’t get it, but I’m even more frustrated with my Web Design class – we’re using a textbook copyrighted in 2003 that has a version copyrighted in 2011, neither the textbook or the instructor give one iota of a care about the fact that each designer has a personal style they use when they design web sites. Oh, and let’s not forget being told to write the first part of “professionally written web site plan” without every once covering, even in the textbook, how to do so. Brilliant. :P

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What have you been up to?

Figuring Out What You Want To Do

Have you ever wondered why it is they make you take classes in your native language? I don’t mean why all your classes are in your native language (for those smart arses out there), but why do they make you take classes in how to speak and write your native language. One would think that would be inherent since it *is* your native language after all. Oh well, I suppose the problem lies in the fact that someone, somewhere along the line decided that there were certain rules that went along with the speaking and writing of each language and that everyone should conform to those rules. Just like everything else. LOL

I often wonder why it is that we don’t get to choose what classes we take in school based on our interests. I’m being completely serious here. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t have the kids take classes in math, English, science, etc, but that we should start tailoring classes to kids’ interests and possible career path choices when they are younger, not waiting until they are in high school to figure it out.

I remember trying to tell my teachers and guidance counselors what I wanted to do when I was younger (for those who are curious, I always tried to tell people that I was going to be a teacher) but when I finally got to high school and I told my guidance counselors what I wanted to do, I was told I wouldn’t be suited for that type of job. So I changed my mind and found something else I would be interested in (respiratory therapy) and was told that I wouldn’t be suited for that job either.

I was literally told by my guidance counselor that I would not be suited to any job that basically did not involve me wearing a uniform with a name tag – in fact, at one point, she even told me not to worry about going to college that it wouldn’t be of any use to me as I’d never finish.

The funny thing is, I’m rolling right along with college, I’ve completed ten classes so far, am in the midst of two classes, and have at least eight more classes after these two to complete before I’m finished. I need 60 credits to graduate and I’ve completed 30. I am halfway to my degree credits requirement. However, I will say that I am considering other career options as far as my Bachelor’s degree is concerned.

But that will be figured out when I am closer to graduating with my Associate’s degree. I first want to get this degree and see what my student debt level is – then I will decide if I want to continue at this time or not. :P

How long did it take you to figure out what you wanted to do?

I’m Too Tired

I am too tired to even care that I’m done with school until January 2. :P I have 2 weeks in which I can do anything I want – I can play with my shower gels, lotions, soaps, and bath salts to my heart’s content, yet here I am, not caring. The past few days have been hectic, what with my having received a loan disbursement and my trying to get everything I needed taken care of dealt with.

One of the first items necessary was a trip to the vet for my dog, then a trip to the groomer to stop the infernal itching that my dog goes through when his fur gets longer. :P Then it was a trip to the Sprint store to see if I could get a cell phone account of my own – we want to get off Verizon when the contract ends in March – and I could – in fact, I had the lowest deposit I’ve ever been quoted ($50) and so I ran with it. $150 later, I walked out with an 8GB iPhone 4. :) In black, of course. :P Yes, I know, I’d sworn I’d never own an iPhone but hey – it is a pretty cool phone. ;) I only got the 8GB because I have an 8GB iPod Touch, so I didn’t figure I needed the 16, 32, or 64 GB phones. :P

I also picked up a few craft items to keep me sane, as well as Dance Dance Revolution for my Wii. Before you tell me Dance Dance Revolution isn’t a living expense – it is if you are using it for workout purposes, which I will be as soon as I hook it up to my Wii. :) I like to dance, so I figured this would be a good way to get a workout. :)

And now I must sit on Facebook and wait for a friend who said she needed to talk to me. I can’t wait much longer though – I’m fading fast here. LOL