June 18th Cannot Come Fast Enough

On Monday we ordered new internet and phone service through CenturyLink. We can’t get it installed until June 18th. Bummer, because if I’d been able to order it online, we’d have had it already. :P But that being said, I can’t wait until June 18th.

I am tired of going to McDonald’s, even though the managers there know us (I worked here, plus we come in all the time) but you know what? I’m sure they’re tired of us being here, hogging a booth, sucking up both their internet and their electricity. :P But they’ve yet to say anything to us so I suppose that’s a good thing, right? LOL

In any case, I’d like to use the internet at home for once. I mean, really, I’d like to do my Algebra work in my PJs instead of in jeans and a t-shirt for a while. :P


  1. SO glad that you finally ordered new internet. It really has been a pain for you guys :/