I Have My New School Schedule

My academic adviser got changed – I wasn’t particularly happy with that, because I liked Andrew a lot, but apparently they reorganized the advisers, so I got Kevin instead. I didn’t mind losing Monica, my financial adviser, and now I have a woman named Shayne (yes, Shayne) for my financial adviser.

In any case, Kevin had told me to give him a call so we could schedule my sophomore year of college. It feels weird to say that, and it feels even weirder to know that in 4 weeks I will be finished with my freshman year of college. But I digress. I haven’t called him yet, mostly because after having worked in call centers, I really dislike talking on the telephone. So when I decided to check and see if I had classes scheduled to start on November 7, which is when the first two classes of my sophomore year would be starting, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kevin had gone ahead and scheduled my classes for me.

So my schedule for my sophomore year is:

11/07/2011 – 01/22/2012
Cultural Diversity
Management of Information Systems

01/23/2012 – 03/25/2012
Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic
Algebra 1A

03/26/2012 – 05/27/2012
Image Editing and Implementation
Algebra 1B

05/28/2012 – 07/29/2012
Intro to Web Design

I wish I’d known that my Algebra class was split into 2 sections. :/ I do very poorly with Algebra and I can already imagine myself failing these two classes. I also fear that the Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic class will have a large basis in Algebra, which will make that class that much more difficult. :/

If I start asking for help on Twitter, Facebook, or here, and you are good with Algebra, do not hesitate to contact me. LOL If I’m asking, it is because I need it. :P