I Don’t Want To Spend Money…

On software that I don’t plan to use. I don’t mind spending the money to get Adobe Photoshop CS5, because frankly, I’m going to be getting it via the University of Phoenix Marketplace, so I’m only going to spend about $180 on it. That’s fine with me. But I chafe at spending money on Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5. Why?

Well, for one thing, I feel that a web designer who is worth their salt should be coding by hand. I intensely dislike HTML editors of any sort. I used to use FrontPage Express & FrontPage – both added what I like to call “crap code” into the pages. This is code that serves no real purpose, except to be a pain in the butt and add size to your HTML file. More than once I have gone through a webpage that was created using FrontPage (or a similar program), removed all of the “crap code” and lo-and-behold, the layout of the page never changed, but the file size of the HTML file sure did!

I am hoping that Dreamweaver is not one of the programs that inserts “crap code” because I will be driven bonkers by that if it is. That aside, it won’t matter, because my class will require it.

I am wondering though, would it be best to pay $296 to get just Dreamweaver & Photoshop, or should I buy the full CS5.5 Web Premium, which includes:

  • Dreamweaver CS5.5
  • Flash Catalyst CS5.5
  • Flash Professional CS5.5
  • Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Edition
  • Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Illustrator CS5
  • Acrobat X Pro
  • Fireworks CS5
  • Contribute CS5
  • Bridge CS5
  • Device Central CS5
  • Media Encoder CS5

All of that is $343. I have a feeling that I might need some of those other programs at a later time for classes, otherwise I can’t see the school offering a discount for the Creative Suite package. However, I don’t want to spend money on software that I am not going to use – even though if I use just Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator, I suppose it would pay off. Hmmmm…

What I should do is download the trial of Dreamweaver and see how badly I’m going to hate using it now, so I can then tell my instructor that I have some experience with it and that I am not a fan. :P

But the heart of this matter is – I don’t want to spend money on software that I do not plan to continue to use and will probably not be able to afford to upgrade even if I do want to use it. :P