Cover Tune: Born to Fly by Sara Evans

Be kind! :) I made this video tonight and I took like 5 tries to get it even half right. The way YouTube compresses videos sucks and so does my webcam, but at least it's something right? And just so you know, I only think I can sing because other people tell me I can. :P … [Continue reading]

So It’s Come To This

I hate blogging. I hate it. It isn't fun anymore. I get no enjoyment out of blogging. I no longer blog for me. I started my blogs for me. But they're not for me anymore. I got sucked into the world of doing product reviews, sponsored posts, etc. And now my blogs are for those brands who want to work … [Continue reading]


Have you ever stopped for a moment, looked at your life, and felt like you've missed your chance to do something or be something great? Or barring … [Continue reading]

Where Have I Been?

Oh you know, I've been here and there. Mostly blogging on Charity Lynn, trying to build it up as the blog I do product reviews and the like on. I have … [Continue reading]